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The Team

Team of expert Coaches

Our coaches are world class experts in their fields who guarantee each riser gets the full attention they deserve.

“Things done by half are never done right.”
Kyle has always been active – he literally can’t stop moving.
You’ll know when you see his moves that he has danced
at an international level.
He uses elements from his dance background combined
with his expertise in group exercise classes as his approach
to coaching. If you are ready for a party, join
him at BOX, BURN and SPIN.
Level 2 Exercise to Music
Level 2 Fitness Instructing
Level 2 Aqua Fitness
Level 2 Group Cycling

“Being the best means you do things differently.”
Our CrossFit enthusiast discovered his passion at the age of 18.
Soon after he was a CrossFit coach and personal trainer and took
his team to the Meridian CrossFit Regional Championships in 2018.
You will find his classes challenging but his humour will have you
smiling all the way! Catch him at the
BUILD classes or book him for personal training.
BSc in Sport Sciences

“Remember your ‘why’ and always keep in mind
what you will get out of it.”

She has been dancing since the age of 4, and has been a personal trainer for 2 years now. She firmly believes in finding a balance and always listening to your body. Have you seen that body, though!? Phwoah!

Catch her at the CORE / MOBILITY and BUILD classes or book her for personal training.

Faculty of Physical Education and Human Health
Specializing in Fitness and Recreation Physical Rehabilitation

“Have breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince,
have dinner like a pauper!”
Our resident powerlifting champion has won the Ukrainian
Powerlifting Championship multiple times and won many other
Ukranian records. His secret? Hard work and you will never catch
him eating junk food, well, except on cheat days of course! Having
started his fitness trainer so early in life, he already has years of
experience as a personal trainer. If you want to be pushed to your
limits, catch Stas at BUILD classes.
Physical Activity
Sport Science
Physical Rehabilitation

“Be the best version of you”
This guy will always put a smile on your face. He is passionate
about people and motivating them to be better. Although he has
experience in almost all types of sport, he fell in love with the
discipline of MMA and boxing a few years ago. He is a certified
personal trainer, and you can also catch him at BOX or BURN.
Higher Certificate in Exercise Science in Personal Training,
Sports Conditioning and Nutrition



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